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Horseback riding meets vacation: It hardly gets any better than this

We see ourselves as an adventure and active hotel with a focus on horseback riding. In summer and winter, we offer both beginners and advanced riders the optimal conditions for a perfect riding vacation.

And that in all disciplines. That means: From introductory balance exercises (lunge) to the different gaits to rides in a scenic setting and intensive courses in dressage and jumping, you can enjoy the entire range of equestrian sports with us as a riding enthusiast. And that indoors as well as outdoors, in group or individual courses. 

Riding lessons

Our riding lessons cover all disciplines that the equestrian sport offers. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced rider.

Riding adventure

Exciting is the thing or better: high on horseback at our riding adventure. And with units in impressive scenery, carriage rides and outdoor fun for young and old.

Indoor riding arena

We do not need to rely on Peter. Because: With our spacious indoor riding arena, the horse can be bridled regardless of the weather.

Horse guided personality development

With the horses as support, the participants experience themselves in this seminar in their entire psychosocial dimension, they are challenged and encouraged as individuals, in their self-confidence and their social skills.

Our riding program

Theoretical briefing

Just as important as the riding itself: the preparation. During the theoretical briefing, we show you in small groups first of all how to make contact with a horse in the first place. Information about proper grooming, saddling and a bit of anatomy follow. And of course the most exciting question: How do I get the bridle into my mouth without losing my fingers?

Basic knowledge of grooming, saddling and bridling 

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: € 31,00

Longe (für Anfänger und Wiedereinsteiger)

With the lunge it always goes around in a circle. For this, the riding instructor holds the horse on a long line - the lunge. The beginners can first concentrate only on their balance and the correct seat on the horse. The riding instructor "directs" the horse for you. Therefore, the lunge is also ideal for returning riders, because without a balanced seat it is almost impossible to let the horse know where to go.

Duration: 30 minutes 

Price: € 31,00 

Info: maximum 2 persons

Railroad group lessons (for advanced)

As soon as you have a balanced seat and can hold the reins calmly and securely, you can start riding independently. In the track lessons, depending on the ability of the riders, walk, trot and canter are ridden. Through the different hoof strike figures and the transitions between the gaits, the communication between rider and horse becomes more and more exact, until you have the feeling that the horse can read the thoughts of the rider ...

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: € 31,00

Info: maximum 5 people

Horseback riding in a group (for advanced riders - saddle fit)

Die sattelfesten ReiterInnen führen wir in kleinen Gruppen in die einmalige Natur des Brandnertals. Gemütlich im Schritt zur Ruhe kommen, entspannen und genießen. Oder auch im rasanten Galopp, der fraglos jedes Reiterherz höherschlagen lässt! Unsere Haflingerstuten sind ausgeglichen und trittsicher –egal ob im Frühling durch das leuchtend-frische Grün oder im Winter durch den weißen Pulverschnee!

Dauer: 50 Minuten
Preis: € 31,00
Info: maximal 5 Personen 

Single - seat lunge or gallop lunge (seat training or learning to gallop)

Often you think that everything is working well. Almost as often, however, there are always small seat errors that creep in all too easily - even with very experienced riders. During seat lungeing we correct every little thing that could disturb the balance and thus also the communication with the horse. Even those who have never galloped before will have the opportunity to approach the "third gear" in a relaxed way and enjoy this indescribable feeling.

Duration: 30 minutes

Price: € 44,00

Private lessons (track, riding, dressage)

Your horse, your riding instructor and you. And 50 minutes of time to further deepen your own skills. For example, a clear walk, an expansive trot or a fantastic canter. You will be able to move systematically through the collection lessons and short turns, relaxed, in perfect contact with the ground, with momentum and straightness. And as the saying goes: the way is the goal.

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: € 56,00

Intensive course dressage 3-6 days

A course optimal as exam or tournament preparation or to address your very specific questions in the best possible way. Short sweeps, lateral gaits and other gathering lessons up to the improvement of the seat and the accuracy in the execution of the track figures. Included are theoretical explanations during the riding lessons. We do not recommend more than one single lesson per day, otherwise it will be too exhausting for horse and rider!

->For 3 days: 3 individual lessons + 1 trail ride

->For 6 days: 6 individual lessons + 1 ride out

Price € 205,00 for three days 

Price € 385,00 for six days

Intensive course jumping - beginners

Never jumped before? We, the riding team Beck, can bring you a little closer to the beginning of show jumping. But before it goes to the real jumps, theoretical exercises are important. Because the most important thing in jumping is the preparatory work, only then a jump or a course can be overcome flawlessly. (The jumping lessons are designed for 2-3 persons).

-> 2 pole and gymnastics lessons

-> 1 jumping lesson (cross and small steep jump)

Price € 130,00 for three days

Intensive Course Jumping - Advanced

You have already jumped several times at home and would like to enjoy jumping also during your unique riding vacation in Brand? - Then you are exactly right at our riding stable. Our Haflingers are not only comfortable riding and dressage Hafis, no, they can also jump not so bad. Important is beside the practice as always the theory, which will be taught to you during the jumping lesson. Without knowing the distance of a combination or a distance, the obstacles can also not be overcome. At this flat rate oxer, combination, in-outs and steep jumps are practiced (max. 80 cm)! However, it is dealt with the rider individually, so that deviations can arise.

-> 1 pole and gymnastics lesson 

-> 2 jumping lessons (oxer, steep jump, combination, ...)

Price € 130,00 for three days

Pony rides (guided by parents)

Still too small for real riding lessons? Never mind! We still have our ponies. With a height of about one meter they are ideal for the first experiences on a horse. After a short introduction the whole family can walk with the pony through the beautiful terrain.

Duration: 30 minutes or 60 minutes 

Price: € 12,00 or € 16,00

Carriage ride

What could be more glorious than to be coached through the valley by 2 horsepower? Without effort and without engine noise you can best enjoy the fresh air and the picturesque landscape!

Duration: 50 minutes

Price: € 75,00 for 4 persons and for each additional person € 16,00

Info: maximum 8 persons 

Our riding blocks for "frequent riders"

Duration: 55 minutes

Price: € 50,00

Block of 5

Duration: 5 x 30 or 50 minutes

Price: € 140,00

Info: not valid for private lessons

Block of 10

Duration: 10 x 30 or 50 minutes

Price: € 280,00

Info: not valid for private lessons

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